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After the required dental treatments & procedures, its essential to understand on the aspects of dentistry. To make your life easier, I have done these videos. Know, understand and share.

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Indications & effectiveness for Removable Veneers.

Can one place Dental Implant for congenitally missing teeth?

How painful is getting a Dental Implant?

How safe are dental X rays?

How long does it take to get a Dental Implant?

What steps are involved in prepairing a tooth for Dental Crown?

Can one go for dental X rays during pregnancy?

Is drill less dentistry a myth or a reality now?

Can Cancer patients go for Dental Implant?

How long should I feel numbness after Dental Implant Surgery?

What are Dental Crowns & Tooth Bridges?

Do braces hurt?

How long does crown placement takes?

Why are teeth sensitive to cold?

Does a crowned tooth require special care?

What precautions should one take with braces?

Can crooked teeth correct themselves over time?

How to relieve sensitive teeth naturally?

Does chewing gum cause jaw pain?

At what age should one schedule an orthodontic screening appointment?

Can wisdom teeth lead to jaw pain?

Ways to prevent & treat teeth sensitivity.

How do whitening toothpaste work & are they really effective?

Causes of Temporomandibular Disorder

Treatment options for Temporomandibular Joint pain.

When should one go for OPG scan?

What type of materials are used to make Dental Crowns?

Is it necessary to go for root stump extraction if its not painful at present?

What is Temporomandibular Disorder?

When is the right time to go for tooth extraction in pregnant women?

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